My Games


Roles: Lead Designer & Lead Artist

State of Wonder is a digital strategy card game created by the team BetterBuilt Studio. For more information please visit the Itch.Io page down below! Multiplayer only.


Roles:Lead Designer & Producer

A small 2d virtual slice designed and built in 11 days by a team of 7 people. The player plays as the soldier Hope, the


last survivor of the Army of Eternal Flame. Hope can only survive through defeating the darkness that killed the army, but what killed it?

The Virutal slice can be found on Itch.Io on the following page:



Role: Designer

A small pixel art strategy game played by 2 people. In the game the player had to choose on their turn to either build units or move and attack with their units. The game was heavily inspired by both chess and heroes of might and magic. Using stat based units on a chesslike board.

Want to know more about Domains? Contact me! 🙂