About Me

So you have found my page and now wants to know more about me?

I’m Emelie Rodin, a game designer from sweden. I have worked on many small hobby projects and I love to work on strategy games as well as all types of board, card and roleplaying games.

When I don’t design games, I generally play games or hang out with other game designers. I also do some art work when I just need to get lost in something and relax.

Games I play right now is to many to list, but I generally play competetive, multiplayer games, such as Ground Control, Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Empires II, Pokemon: Trading Card Game and Hearthstone. Sometimes I indulge myself together with some friends in games such as Sins of a solar Empire and other Grand Strategy games.

I enjoy creating strategy games, but are also comfortable in leaving that genre of games, and if you want to know more about my games and designs, You should look into my games list here on the page!



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