Design Thoughts: Playtesting Thoughts

Was at a playtesting event for projects today and it was amazing seeing how good people are at making games.

First year students making 3d Mech combat games, communication games where you have to navigate a smuggler ship together through mazes, a frog that inflates and deflates itself and just many, many more things.

Second years doing innovative racing and turn based strategy games, games about digging out people from bomb debris as well as a game where you have to solve puzzles through hugging a doll. Didn’t have the time to play those, but watched while other players looked and I was so impressed by so many games.

If there was one thing I saw today, it was that the people building games today are making fantastic work. Even if it is their second or first game project or their 10th or 100th. The games they are making always inspire me and most likely people around them.

Since these games have a production cycle of about 8 weeks total, If I could give all of them one tip from where they where standing now and that is to start polishing their games as soon as possible. Many games had a good core, now they just need to worry about making it look, feel and be enjoyable.

This includes State of Wonder as well. I didn’t get to showcase it because of some irregularities with how the server worked. But I know myself, that what we need now is feedback and good feedback on that.


This is how I feel right about now, confused by what is next, things are solving itself with State of Wonder, I’m calm and should be working on my thesis, but I just want to drink coffee and watch amazing games.

This was an interesting and awesome day, I wish all the students at Uppsala University good luck at GGC and I must say that, today I saw some of the coolest concepts, put into action and I’m sad that I didn’t have the time to test them all!

Goodnight from me!


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