Design Thoughts: Until We Tear Us Apart

Hey Again. Today I’m going to talk about some Design Thoughts I’ve had over the last week and something I’ve wanted to put on paper but I’ve unfortunately not have the time to make it concise and make a design document for it. But I’ve got this blog for these times, where I can write down my thoughts on a design and scribble some ideas down.

The Idea right now is a continuation of an idea I had years ago, A board game idea where players are trying to achieve different goals, the game was then called schizophrenia which was a really bad name for the game as it actually had nothing to do with it.

The game was a social interaction, bluffing game, where players had to achieve the goal they had been given at the start of the game before anything else, except that all of the players was controlling the same character through a council.

So over to Until We Tear Us Apart.

The game is still a board game based on social interactions and require 3 or more players to play, where the players are given roles as either “body” or “Voice of Reason”.

As the body, you are the one that makes all of the calls, you take the final decisions, but you do not know what is happening around you, you only know what the voices of reason tell you. only one player can be the body.

eutah-mizushima-26887.jpgAs the voice of reason, you read what is happening around the body and need to give that information to the player, the problem is that there are more than one voice of reason and you all have your own goals.

The Body also has it own goal and there can only be one winner. These goals are given out in the start of the game and players need to fulfill that goal to win the game, when one player has achieved their goal, they call out that they have fulfilled their goal and that ends the game.

So the game starts by player being given a random role. The player who is the body is put behind a screen so they can’t see the cards that the voices will read.

At the start of a turn, the voices draw an event card, which they then read and have to describe the event to the body, you are not allowed to read directly from the card when you do this and you are several people trying to do this at the same time.

The body then has to interpret the council and make a choice of how to progress on the event that is happening. when the body has decided what to do in the situation, it makes the executive decision and that marks the end of a turn.

These event cards are big happenings in the life of a person, a break up, a friend manipulating them or buying a car.

So yeah, incoherent design ramblings over, I hope you enjoy them and hope to read your thoughts on this!

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