University Projects: That Bothersome .txt

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about more level design and especially polishing of levels. As our editor cannot load already finished text docs, we need to manage all editing of the levels by hand, by going into text files and changing small, small details such as coordinates.

But to find what I need to edit I need to run the level and playtest the game, find where something is wrong and then enter either photoshop or the editor and find the coordinates. Then I need to find those coordinates and change the properties of said misplaced or misinformed object.

Screenshot 2014-03-20 16.31.27

So yeah… What coordinate was I changing again?

Oh this is the wrong .txt, this is the one I need to edit to change furniture!

Screenshot 2014-03-20 16.33.17

let us get back on topic!

This leads to a very slow process where changes cannot occur all too often, this is due to almost any change I do will be updated only after this entire process. As I have been struggling to find all the faults with level 3 such as walls not being where they should and walls being where they should not be for the past days, I’ve learnt to navigate .txt files at least, and finding specific coordinates and such so that is great.

So the plan for the rest of the week is to playtest, playtest more playtest the most, just to find everything wrong with the level, and whenever I find something wrong I need to change it so, yay me!

The best part of this is although all the weird bugs you encounter, since I’m play testing to explore the level I find bugs, both graphical (Which I’m fixing) and Coding (Which I’m not fixing). Some example of the bugs found this far would be.

Running close to walls while being shot crashes the game, because well things happen, the reason for this was discovered quickly (path finding error, the player was thought of being inside the wall instead of outside the wall if too close to it, this made the game freeze due to guards not finding their path again. I think) So this is what the guards would be thinking:


Most other bugs have been graphics related this far, some bigger than others (walls in the middle of a corridor is fun) and some hit box problems with doors and trashcans.

So what have I learned this week, fiddling with text files take more time than working in an editor, but it is easier to get correct the first time and also, that play testing is a lot more fun when bugs are occurring than when it all goes one hundred percent correct the first time!

Anyway, I’m off to find more problems! Have a good one from a Van and a Game Designer.


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