University Projects: Environmental Design Continued!

Hello Everyone!

Still working on the project With Intent as it is now called and it’s been solidly going forward and this week I’ve been working even more on the environmental design. For me this week has been a pretty repetitive week, as I’ve been adding and cleaning up the rooms from last week to a map.

So I started out working on a corridor frame on top of a large background picture. To create all the corridors on the level I’ve been working with. We call these levels sections in With Intent, as they are sections of a floor.

The Section I’ve been working on is a combination of a large cafeteria and kitchen, with a small amount of surrounding offices. The player needs to get through this section by fetching 2 keys, one to progress through the section and one to advance to the next one.

Here is the first draft of the section: It depicts where I was supposed to put different kind of furniture and what height they are supposed to have. (This picture was made by Theodor Gerhamn, our Lead Designer)

MainLevel_Part1 Concept

And here we have the “final” product of this week’s work, it includes lots of offices, some storages.


This level is right now only usable to map where everything is supposed to be placed in the final game and not the finalized section since it got both keys and doors placed on it. This is due to how our level editor works, In our level editor, we just read in a background picture (the section map) but every object the player needs to interact with has to be placed separately.

This means that if there are doors and keys placed on our section map they will never be removed or opened if you as a player look at the screen. But the code might still respond to the player doing things, resulting in a buggy, unfinished look.

The reason I’ve kept doors and keys on this map though, is that we need a map that the person implementing the level can use as reference for everything on the map.

I’ve used basically the same technique as last time, copying each room instead of every furniture and adding them to a larger floor to create the map so not much I can really say about it more than it is necessary for our game.

So have a good one from a Van and a Game Designer


One thought on “University Projects: Environmental Design Continued!

  1. Well I seem to get lucky with who I comment on every week! Blindly choosing people who are writing about similar things as myself. I have been working on our groups level drawing. I must say I think the “final picture” looks good! The only thing you have that made me wonder a bit was the kitchen floor. We had a similar floor in our bathrooms before and when we put it into the game, the tiles where too small so that they started tearing and the edges started to blend with each other. Not sure if that would be an issue that only appears in our game for some reason, but hey, as long as it works out for you guys! We learned a huge lesson regarding floors as soon as we started playing the game with the floors implemented, but as far as I could see during the play testing before, you did not seem to have any issues with that!
    As for the level editing! I don’t really understand how your group is doing it, but I think you are doing it in a different way from us. Which is nice! So far I’ve seen our way of dealing with it (with color codes), tiled (which was the group 3 way of doing it) and finally yours (the one that i’m not 100% sure of how it works).
    But I always find it interesting seeing how many different ways people are doing it!

    All in all, cool post, giving some insight on how your game will look! Looking forward to seeing all the versions of escape in their final stage to see how differently we’ve all done it!

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